outlook 2010 cannot download echange 2007 global address

When I select "download address book" it starts the download process and indicates contacting exchange server and that is where it sits with 0 of 2 processes completed.
all of my other users are 2007 clients and have no issues.
Advice please.

wlasnerDirector, ITAsked:
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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OOF --> Out of Office

We may need to wait for 24 hours to 48 hours to get an default Outlook clients to download the OAB files with the modified entries.
> Do you have both of these OL2k7 and Ol2010 connected to the domain?
Any difference between these two machines?

> Can you access OOF on these OL2k7 and OL2010 machines
Reason: Normally OOF, free\busy and OAB URLs will reach Outlook only after a successful autodiscover detection
wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
What is OOF?
My Machine is the only 2010 machine.  We have 85 other 2007 machines updating fine.  If I connect remotely via OWA, the GAB is updated as well.  Seems it is just my desktop in the office.
wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
also, I now realize none of the clients are being updated with new changes to the GAB.  The OAB update fails.
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