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Publishing application that requires elevated permissions in XenApp 6.0

I have a new XenApp 6.0 farm that I am about ready to deploy.  We currently are on a Platinum 4.5 Farm, which we will be retiring.

I have all my applications about published, but one application is not working correctly for everyone.  The published application will run just fine if the person running it is in our domain admins group, otherwise the application will not load correctly, and crash out on the person's computer.  The same exact application runs without any problems on our 4.5 Farm.

The published application seems to need some type of elevated privileges to run on XenApp 6.0.  Is there a switch or something I need to put in the command line properties of the published application to make it run correctly for everyone?  Obviously I cannot make all of my domain users admins.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

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