Setting Attachment Size Restrictions in Exchange 2007?

Hi All,
I was wondering if there is a way to set attachment size restrictions using Exchange 2007 SP1 per STORAGE GROUP.

I see where you can set it at an organizational level, unfortunately this is not an option.
I see where you can set it on a per user level, not an option either.

I need to be able to hit many specific users in one shot, while excluding some as well.

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No answer form, but I would interested in seeing if there is a way.
From what I know there isn't a way to set attachment size restrictions on a per storage group level.

How many users are we talking about?

The simplest way would probably be to use powershell and set them at the user level. If you know powershell well you could probably get a script to run, and make the changes based on a csv or something which would mean you not having to change the user each time you run the script.

Here is fairly good link which describes the different ways message size limits can be adjusted in Exchange 2007. The powershell commands are there, and to make the scripts looks to a csv would not be that difficult.

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it cannot be done per storage group, as you already know it can be done only per user or organization.

A common practice is to set the organization limit to the largest possible and then set a transport rule to stop all attachments bigger than x ( while x < org limit) for members of a specific group. In that case you will be able to do it per group based  
ccorino1Author Commented:
Unfortunately this cannot be done, but the workaround is greatly appreciated!
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