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HP DL360 CPU Upgrade

I have an HP DL360 G5 Server.  It came with only 1 processor.  I have purchased a second processor but when I tried to install I am getting a red Led Light on the front panel that indicates an Internal problem.  When I pull the LED panel out, it has the red lights on both CPU's.  I have the latest firmware installed.  Both processor are E5440 2.83Ghz quad core processors.  The HP user guide for the server doesn't indicate that there are any setting or switches that need to be set for dual CPUs.  The server runs fine with either of the CPU's installed, just not both.
  Any Idea's on what the problem might be.
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Alexey KomarovChief Project EngineerCommented:
I'd agree, bad motherboard is likely, may have bent pins or something like that.
To isolate the issue, you can check to see if both processors load on either socket! we had a similar issue, and our problem was incorrect order where an l5540 was ordered and the other was e5540.

Another test option we did was to disable hyperthreading from bios and try?
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Check the chipset.  We had one that the chipset would not support dual CPU so we put the fastest quad we could find
sfletcher1959VPAuthor Commented:
I suspect the system board.  It is an identical processor.  Ordered the same part number as was in it.  Both processors work in slot 1, but it doesn't matter what order the CPU's are installed, if both are in we get the error.  Since it is under maint. I will let them fix it.
One other thing to check. Processor stepping. Many times, a processor will receive tweaks or updates but retain the model number. In a case like this, you may have model # "G" and same model # "H". The stepping info is usually very subtle in the packaging, but is critical for it to match in dual processor setups.
sfletcher1959VPAuthor Commented:
HP Replaced the system board and it worked perfectly.
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