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Citrix shadowing with trend micros deep security policy applied

can anyone help please.

i have recently installed Trend micros Deep Security Anti-malware, i am confident everything is setup and configured correctly.  my users work within a citrix / terminal server environment.

after installation and after applying the deep security anti-malware security policy i have noticed that it is not possible  to shadow a users session again within citrix.  if the deep security policy is removed everything works ok and shadowing works as normal, if the policy is re-applied shadowing again fails, if the policy is removed again it works, i have done this many times and it is consistant.

what happens when the policy is applied and shadowing is attempted is that a command prompt screen pops up and the session appears to be locked, at this point the only way to continue is to reset the citrix session.

i have purchased Deep security only for the anti-malware option and i do have a full license for this, i do not have a requirement for any other aspect of this product like firewall, however, my deep security manager does still have a trial license still running for all options.

i have spoken to Trend about this and they do say to make sure all options (other than anti-malware) are disabled, i have done this and i can confirm that all options other than anti-malware are disabled but shadwing still fails when the anti-malware security policy is applied.

has anyone experienced this problem, could someone help please.

any help would be appreciated.

one last thing thing, my citrix servers are running on VMware esxi 4.1 but i dont think this has any bearing on the problem, just thought i would mention it.

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