Torn between nook color and kindle fire

Can't quite make a decision. mainly getting this to read school books off the school ecollege site. I understand that the Nooks are now the most popular? Then If I choose to wait for the Kindle fire...I understand that it's super fast with dual core processor...and the amazon, cloud, and I might just be able to use android apps? With the Nook color I won't have to wait of course. I could be reading with it in a week or so. I'm an IT guy and it would be nice to be able to remote desktop into my work PC from an e-reader:)
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snailcatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure what the exact details of the Fire operating sytem restrictions will be but it defnitely is going to have a faster processor.

Most of the good android features are not available to the readers and you will not have access to the Android Market on either device.

You would need to root either of the devices in order to use a remote desktop app like TeamViewer.  

If you plan to transform the device into a more useable tablet + reader then I would recommend the Fire for the upgraded processor.
Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The Kindle Fire will run circles around the color Nook.

However ... since you're "... mainly getting this to read school books off the school ecollege site ..." it would seem that availability NOW is an important factor.     You may want to get a Wi-Fi only Kindle now (only $79) so you can start reading and pre-order a Nook Fire => the two together will only cost $30 more than a Nook Color ... and all the books you buy will be available on both units (as well as your PC).
bobox00Author Commented:
Pre-ordered Kindle Fire
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