sql server query inner join ordered by date based on quantity

Posted on 2011-10-07
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I have been racking my brain trying to figure out a solution to a problem.

I have a table with items ITEM in it that I am trying to match to bin locations BIN1.
On ITEM, the column ITEM.Code is unique, however an item can be in multiple bins so on BIN1, there can be inifinite bins for a single item.

the ITEM table looks like:

Code | Description | Price
 A      | Widget        | 5.00

So say for item A, I have 20 of them in various bins, so the table BIN1 looks like this, Qty being the # of units in that bin.

Code | Qty | Bin # | Date
A       | 1    | Bin2  | 10/5/2005
A       | 3    | Bin3  | 10/8/2005
A       | 5    | Bin6   | 11/1/2006
A       | 7    | Bin9   | 11/5/2006
A       | 1    | Bin12 | 11/21/2009
A       | 3    | Bin22 | 12/25/2010

Here's the tricky part:

Say I have a transaction that calls for a quantity 8 of Item A and I want to pull items from BIN1 in ascending date order by Bin #, what would you suggest? I was trying to avoid a loop, but I don't think it's possible.

The result set I would be looking for is:

A      | 1    | Bin2  | 10/5/2005
A      | 3    | Bin3  | 10/8/2005
A      | 4   | Bin6   | 11/1/2006
to total 8. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I'm using SQL Server 2008.


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Accepted Solution

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Sounds like you need a running total. This thread has some interesting ideas. But I'd recommend running a few profiles, as performance may vary depending on data and usage.

    code varchar(5),
    qty int,
    bin varchar(10),
    date datetime 

INSERT INTO @bin (code, qty, bin, date)
SELECT 'A','1','Bin2','10/5/2005' UNION ALL
SELECT 'A','3','Bin3','10/8/2005' UNION ALL
SELECT 'A','5','Bin6 ','11/1/2006' UNION ALL
SELECT 'A','7','Bin9 ','11/5/2006' UNION ALL
SELECT 'A','1','Bin12','11/21/2009' UNION ALL
SELECT 'A','3','Bin22','12/25/2010' UNION ALL
SELECT 'B','22','Bin3','10/8/2005' UNION ALL
SELECT 'B','16','Bin19','11/1/2006' 

DECLARE @code varchar(10)
DECLARE @qtyNeeded int

SET @code = 'A'
SET @qtyNeeded = 8

;WITH BinsByDate AS
    SELECT code, qty, bin, date, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY date, bin, code) AS RowNum
    FROM   @Bin
    WHERE  code = @code
SELECT b.code, b.qty, b.bin, b.date, bt.RunningTotal
            ( SELECT SUM(t.qty) as RunningTotal
              FROM   BinsByDate t
              WHERE  t.RowNum <= b.RowNum
            ) bt
WHERE  bt.RunningTotal - b.Qty <= @qtyNeeded

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Assisted Solution

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> The result set I would be looking for is

To adjust the "qty" to reflect what's used rather than what's available in the bin just add a CASE

SELECT b.code, b.qty, b.bin, b.date, bt.RunningTotal,
           CASE WHEN bt.RunningTotal <= @qtyNeeded THEN b.qty
                   ELSE b.qty - (bt.RunningTotal - @qtyNeeded)
          END AS AdjQty

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Awesome, that is exactly what I needed.

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