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cheapest windows/x64/terminal server/8gb +ram OS

im lookign for cheapest way to run x64 bit system (windows based)

would that be

windows 7 pro x64
or window home server 2011
wimdows server 2008 sp2

what i need is

-x64 system that can run terminal services server(allow computers to remote connect to the server to run intuit quickbooks application in an rdp window)
-system that can handle 8gb of memory and more if such a need rises.
-system can join an active directory
-system that can run microsoft office 2003/2007

i am familiar with windows 7 first hand, but im not sure 100% that windows 7 can be used as a terminal server

ive only read and heard about windows home server , is that like windows 7 starter edition?

windows 2008 server is guaranteed option here, but id rather ask , maybe i can save a buck
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