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Configuring 5 statics IPs

Today I received from Comcast 5 statics IPs as I requested them. I bought a router Cisco and I plan to set up a DMZ for my servers, but Comcast assigned the Default Gateway IP to their modem and now I am not able to create a DMZ and protect the traffic going to my servers.

I asked them to set up a subnet between the modem and my router with privates IP addresses so I would be able to assign the Default Gateway IP to the router's interface that face the DMZ, but they told me that they have to leave the Default Gateway IP address on the modem.

Now I am stock, because I don't know how can create a DMZ and filter the traffic as it passes throughout my router. One of the things that I am trying to avoid is to put the router to do Nat.

I really appreciate any help.
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