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I have a client with email account and would like to email clients and not have them be able to reply. Is this possible with pop email?
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PapertripConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After a bit more thought, I have a more complete answer for you.

Two options:
Setup auto-responder for your mail account stating that the user does not read mail sent to that address.  This will affect all mails sent to that user though, unless your mail client allows you to add addresses to the auto-responder, but even then that would require manual upkeep.

Set the Reply-To header to a different valid email address you own, but just never check it, like a gmail account.  This will only help when the sender uses reply or reply-all as mentioned previously.

The determining factor here is probably going to be -- do you want to be able to receive any mail at your account or not.
POP3 only downloads messages, SMTP sends them.  You need to find out the SMTP server that qwest has setup for your account, and configure that in your mail client.  You can probably find that info in their FAQ, or just call customer support.
Wow sorry I completely missed the "not" in your question.

You could set the Reply-To header to something false, but that won't help if someone enters the address manually instead of just hitting reply.
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cnmgtAuthor Commented:
Since it's pop would it work to set up a Forward for that address but Put ":fail:" with out the qoutes where you would normally put the email address you want the mail forwarded to

You can also put a message after the :fail: to give some indication of why the message bounced. I foget if you need to quote the sting, but I think you do.

:fail:"This address does not accept incoming mail"

(or maybe) :fail:This address does not accept incoming mail
You could also ask Qwest if they could disallow mail delivery to your account, but even if they did that it would be global -- no mail would be received.  Doubtful an ISP would provide that level of service anyways.
I've never heard about the whole ":fail:" thing, but either way that would depend on what your pop client is capable of doing.  Even then, it won't prevent anyone from sending that user mail -- all that will happen is the client will attempt to be forward the mail, then a bounce message will be sent back to sender.

Generating bounces for reasons like this shouldn't really be done.  Maybe you could setup something like an auto-reply for that address instead.  
Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
What you would normally do is use a false or alternate mail address as your "from" address, and send from that. note sending from an address you can't receive mail to is considered a "spammer" indicator, so may cause some recipients to not receive it or add you to a blacklist.

Its pretty common for opt in mailing lists to have "do-not-reply@mydomain" for some domain they own though.
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