Why does sqlca.sqlerrm.sqlerrmc sometimes cause error "sqlerrm not a member of struct sqlca_s"?

I have an Oracle pro*c program where for one branch when the generated c code is compiled the IBM xlc compiler now complains "sqlerrm is not a member of struct sqlca_s" when I reference sqlca.sqlerrm.sqlerrmc.  Am including  <sqlca.h> directly.   I cannot find struct sqlca_s or a relevant #define in any Oracle  9 or my application's header files.  Nothing unusual is visible in the C file.
This does not happen in another, unrelated code branch but I cannot find the difference that is causing this.
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maswansonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the answer.  The Oracle Tuxedo product includes a <sqlca.h> of its own and I had its -I first in the list.   Reader that header file, it appears that struct sqlca_s is (or was) the type of the all caps SQLCA global variable.
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