How to Install Linux Red Hat Enterprise OS On A Windows Server?

I am not a Unix expert or admin. But I am fimilair with how to connect to a Unix server and get around, create files, change permissions etc.

I am a JDE Software engineer. I support the JD Edwards Enterpriseone Software on different plateforms. But the Unix plateform is my weakest in terms of skillset.

So, as a way to get more famiiliar with the LInix OS so I can be better at doing Linux installs and support, I have a beefed up Windows 2008 R2  Server that is also setup as a Virtual Server. I have 30GB of RAM and about 10TR of disk space so I have speced this out very well.

My plan is to create a new VM and install Windows 2008 Server on it. Then install Linux...preferably Red Hat Enterprise as this is the primary Unix version that the JD Edwards Enterpriseone software supports.

First question is how much will it cost me to purchase and download Red Hat? I know that some Unix versions are open source and free to download. Is that the case with Red Hat? Just to test with for a while in my lab??

Next question, could someone provide the steps for a "newbie" to instaling Linux on where to go on the internet to find the best source for the Linux software (hopfully free), burn to CD or run from harddrive? and then the steps in simple terms on how to install on Windows VM machine to get up and running so I can then install the JD Edwards Software on top of it. Again, I'm a rather novice when it comes to Unix so that's why I'm doing this so please keep that in mind when your providing the steps. Even if they seem to simple, I'd rather have the step by step tasks vs. the alternative.

Thanks in advance!
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First question is how much will it cost me to purchase and download Red Hat? I know that some Unix versions are open source and free to download. Is that the case with Red Hat? Just to test with for a while in my lab??
Red Hat is not free, I'm not sure how much they charge these days for a single workstation.  Main reason is, you don't generally buy RHEL for just 1 machine, especially if it's only a lab machine.  CentOS is a Red Hat clone, just re-branded and without official (ie: paid) support.  You can get all the CentOS support you would ever need however from EE ;)

Installing CentOS is super easy, and is all GUI if your terminal supports it.  Here are some links to get you started.

As far as installing a Linux VM inside a windows VM... while that may be possible, I personally don't think you should do it.  Unless of course you are unable to get a new VM spun up dedicated to it.  I've never heard of anyone running a VM inside a VM... sounds like trouble imo.
You could begin with downloading a 30 Day evaluation copy of Redhat Enterprise Linux from the following location:

I could give you more references for e.g. CentOS etc, but since RHEL is your primary platform, I thought to begin with giving you reference to download a evaluation copy.

Redhat can installed into any virtual machine such as Virtual Box, VMware workstation or Server.

Detailed Redhat Installation Guide can viewed here ->

Hope this helps.
matrix0511Author Commented:
@Papertrip, sorry if I didn't explain this right. I am not trying to install Linux VM inside Windows VM.

I'm only trying to install Linux (preferably Red hat) on a Windows VM. Sorry for the confusion.
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That still isn't very clear ;)

Hypothetical situation:
You have a physical Windows server running some sort of virtualization software such as VirtualBox or VMware.
You want to create a Linux guest (virtual machine) on this physical Windows machine

Is that correct?  I ask because you are referring to Windows as a VM and Linux as a VM -- but the Windows machine is actually a physical box right?

If that is so, then you can still follow all of the instructions from my original answer and ignore the last part :)

I'm only trying to install Linux (preferably Red hat)
CentOS will suffice, and is free :)  All you get from buying Red Hat is (paid-for) "official" support.
To be even more clear -- CentOS is Red Hat aside from the names/logos/support.
matrix0511Author Commented:
Papertrip, Yes, that is correct. I have a "physical" Windows Server 2008 R2 with Virtualization turned on and I want to create a VM on that physical box for this CentOS install.

I have another question for you on the CentOS install. #1 Can this be installed as a "server"? I ask because although this will be installed in my lab at home, the sole purpose for me doing this is to try as best I can to "simulate" the live production setup at one of my clients. They run Redhat Enterprise server for there batch server.

So...ideally I would like to install a free version OS that would allow me to install it as a "server".

#2, although I know how to login, browse, do "ls" commands, view files, copy files...very basic stuff. I'm pretty much still a Unix newbie. So, with the installation gudes that you all attached to this Q...are the steps pretty straightforward and easy enough for a person new to Unix or not as experienced to follow? I just want to get a basic...base Unix OS Server install down.

matrix0511Author Commented:
@Papertrip, I went to those links for CentOS and I see the software download.

However, I am not able to find the specific steps for installation. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you either list out the steps in this comment for someone new to Unix installs? Or attached a doc with just those steps I need to get a basic install server down?

The problem with me being new to Unix OS installs is I go to these websites for the OS and there is just a TON of different links and sources that I can never find just the steps I need. And even when I download a manual. It of course incudes so much information and a lot of it I know I won't need for just the base install.

It would be nice if I could find a source out there that will just provide only the specific steps I need to do the install and nothing more.

Do you know what I mean?
Hi I am assuming you are going to user Hyper V for installation of CentOS.

I am sharing two links for further reading and detailed steps on Installing CentOS in Windows HyperV VM.

You can use the following link for steps to Install CentOS Linux Virtual Machine in Windows Hyper-V Server

For part of Step 3 in above mentioned guide you can follow steps from the following link

Hope this helps.

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