Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Essential 2011 pre-sale question

can  Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Essential 2011

perform in a role  other then domain controller? if i have another dc already would it play nice?

if the answer is no, disregard the rest of the questions

as terminal server role included(remote desktop services) - host remote desktop client connections?

is there memory(RAM) limit?

is there cpu core limit?

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SBSe must be a domain co triller and hold all FSMO roles, mist be at the root of the forest, and does not support federated trusts or child domains. Additional DCs can exist though.

SBSe cannot be a an RDS server. A second server (and CALs) must be purchased.

RAM and core limits are the same as 2008 R2 Standard edition.

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