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Excel 2003 - mcaro through validation list

A simple printing sheet with a validation list of 1-n values (in B2) from which all other data in the sheet is vlookup-ed from a different sheet.
I need

2 buttons (back and forward) that scroll through the validation list one record at a time

A slider bar that sits above B2 and sliding it moves through the validation list (this is to provide a quick way to find a value)

A button that will print the current page for each value in the validation list i.e. if there are 40 values in the validation drop down list, then 40 pages, one for each, will be printed).

Code needs to
a) be written in non-geek-speak i.e. proper variable names, readable, etc
b) provide error handling

Thanks in advance
Microsoft Excel

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Jacques Geday

8/22/2022 - Mon