exchange 2010 whats wrong with my certificate !!!!

Hi all

i have two exchange servers exchange1 and exchange2 im planning to take exchange1 out of the organization for format and change the operating system

one of the problems im facing on shifting and depending on exchange2 only is the certificate im not able to transfer it from exchange1 ... when i select the certificate there is no option on the action pane to export it
the certificate has X mark  on it but i think it works fine because all the outlook users and owa users never experience any security alert messages
check the attached picture

now how i can move the certificate ... im taking the certificate from Thawte ... i tried to make new certificate and it created REQ file ... i opened my member area on thawte i didnt find any place to import the REQ file to get the CER file !!!
what do you think guys about my situation .. may be the certificate created wrongly thawte ??!!!
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Madan SharmaConsultantCommented:
just revoke you issued certificate and get it reissued from thawte
Sigurdur HaraldssonSystem AdministratorCommented:
You cannot move it. You'll have to request a new cert or update it from Thawte.
F_A_H_DAuthor Commented:
i created the req file from the exchange but in thawte i cannot find any place to import the req to get the cer !!
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F_A_H_DAuthor Commented:
on thawte i found that the certificate already issued i taked the CSR and i tried to import it on exchange2 it given me error that the certificate already exist !!!!

should i remove it from exchange1 and try again ?
F_A_H_DAuthor Commented:
ok i think this the only way

u know i did something .... i export the certificate from exchange1 IIS and i imported on exchange2 IIS but it doesnt give the option to assign services !!
Madan SharmaConsultantCommented:
yes it will not allow you to assign.. I will recommend you to follow my above suggestion.
your problem is NOT because you cannot move it (because you CAN) the red x you see is because your exchange server has no direct internet connection.

Give internet connection to your exchange server and all will be fine
F_A_H_DAuthor Commented:
Thawte asking me to revoke the certificate and to recreate new one for the new server ... now i got the issue thank you very much for the support
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