Slow internet speed caused by HP Jetdirect connected into Zyxel router

I have a HP Jetdirect x170 which was causing the internet to crawl because it was connected into a spare port on the back of the Zyxel dsl router.

Any idea why was happenign??

Thanks in advance.
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Back in time when we were using these devices, we used to daisy chain a dedicated 10mbps hub because it was causing massive errors on the 10/100 switchs. These devices are old now but a few still exist. I believe the net crawl down issue is caused by Zyxel getting annoyed by this device, so it might not be coincidental. Plugging it on another switch or specifying the speed of the port at 10mb can solve the issue
Is it possible to disable autonegociation on this Zyxel port and set it to 10 mbps ?


a device such as a printer connecting to a port on your ADSL router shouldn't impact on your internet connection speed, have you tested connecting and disconnecting it to see if the change was not coincidental ?
endaronaAuthor Commented:
I plugged the jetdirect into the 10/100 switch and their itnernet speed increased tenfold. Bizarre.
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