How Can I Resize My System/Boot C:\ Partition on Windows Server 2003 R2?

Dear Sir,

I have a Windows Server 2003 R2 with the following configuration:

Primary basic partition C: 12GB NTFS (system and apps)
Primary basic partition E: 125GB NTFS (data)

I'm running out of disk space on C:\ drive...
How can I expand/resise my C: drive size without reinstalling everything? Is it possible or is there a way to take a free space from the E to C drive? so I don't have to uninstall/reinstall the apps and OS? Is there any free solution?

Please I need help.

Thank you.

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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All the good free partition software will not work for the Windows Server versions, but require you to buy a commercial server edition. Here are some more to help you choose the best price:

On their pages, too, you will find detailed instruction on how to expand the system partition.

Just one note to take into account:
Shrinking a full partition and expanding another full partition will take a large amount of time and expose you to a doubled risk of data loss. To make things easier, I'd suggest to simply ---backup all of your data on E:
---then delete E:
---then resize C:
---then recreate E:
---then repopulate E: with your data

Of course, you should make a mirror image of your C: drive before doing any of this.

And one more point to heed:
Don't use many different steps in the partitioning software, and most of all, *never* revoke a step and continue. *Always* exit the partition software first, then reload after you gave an instruction you'd want to edit. Partition software buffers commands, and the faulty revoked one will still be executed before the correct one.
You can use a Partition tool to resize your C: drive.  You would basically need to shrink the E: partition, then use the free space to expand your C: partition.

Here is a page I found with the whole process to do what you want.

All of the free versions only seem to support the workstation OS though.
One other option is GParted which is based on Debian linux and therefore is free. It's a LiveCD so you won't have to install it and it's not limited by the type of the oprating system (server ot not) but just by the supported file-systems.

Download the ISO and just burn and boot:
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Have a look on this article:
The Partition Manager 9 has been been now replaces with Paragon Partition Manager 11 Server.

You have only 19GB free space on E: partition and this means that you should be very careful with its resize. Use of good partition tool is recommended. Also backup before starting resize. Partition Manager 11 can do both.
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