Installing SQL 2008 R2 on SBS 2011 standard


Installing SBS 2011 standard worked fine. Adding SQL 2008R2 to it failes during 'Setup Support Tools'. The Performance counter registry hive consistency Failed.
The performance counter registry hive is corrupted. To continue you must repair..... Refer to KB300956.

It must have something to do with the dutch SBS 2011 and English SQL 2008R2.

Pls any advice?
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To start with the explanation, you have a SBS 2011 Standard installation which is the DC, exchange, sharepoint, wsus, sbs console, etc. The premium add-on is an add-on that includes windows and sql 2008 r2 sql license to install on a second box (this can be physical or virtual).

So if you want to install it is recommended to install a second server with SQL. If you realy persist and can live with the performance and security issues, you can install another SQL instance on the SBS 2011 standard server, but ALWAYS install a new instance and never try to change or add a database to one of the existing SQL instances from SBS.
is this SBS 2011 permium?  You can'e install SQl if it's standard
maasdeltaAuthor Commented:

It is:

Windows Small business Server 2011 Standard (T72-02880)


Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premiun Add-on (2XG-00152)

I must say that a disk Windows Server 2008 R2 is included in the Premium package. But I don't understand (can't find clarification) the reason for that.
the packaging makes no sense (but SBS 2011 is based on Server 2008 R2)..... Regardless, you can only install SQL Express on SBS 2011 Premium.  You would have had to install SBS Premium to install SQL.  The add on package should have a SQL version you can install.
maasdeltaAuthor Commented:
The confusion arose from Microsoft's product and the supplier information. Wrong licenses, software and information is provided.

Thank you!

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