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Backup job needs compression

Hello Experts,

I have Symantec Backupexec V12.5 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2.
I created a new job for one of my departments, I need to back up Video files into Tape.
The total files sum size is 1.62TB, I am using 780GB LTO4 Tape that with compression of 2:1 should give me enought space to backup these files.

I created a new backup job for this back up and enabled compression under Setting -> General -> Compressions type: Hardware [if availible, otherwise software] but that job is paused after 720GB and asking for a new backup tape.
Is there another place I should enable compression for this backup job or becuase I am trying to backup video file compression is not going to work in this specific case ? if so, What alternative sulotion would you recomand for such backup ?

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