Google search results now require extra step to get to the page I want

I noticed about two weeks ago that nearly all my google search results were not directly reachable. When I clicked on one of the search results, it brings me to an unrelated advertising page.
Also for Google search results there now is a little tab that appears to the left of main search results. This tab appears if I hover the mouse over the main search result. If I click on the tab I can see the normal page, and this is my work around to going directly to a search result. So I now have to click the tab, and then click the tab-page that comes up...two extra clicks to go where I want!!! Why can't I just click any of the main links that result from a search??? Also it takes two clicks to go back from the Ad-page to my search results, where normally just clicking the back button once does it from a direct link. Finally it doesn't happen to every search...some I can go to directly but since most bring me to a unrelated advertising page, why bother to find out every time? I usually just use the tab's page to go where I want...what a unnecessary pain, 2 extra clicks.
My security s/w shows several filesquarantined about 10 days ago.
All have the reason of a variant of Win32/Kryptik.TGT trojan but I've looked at removal instructions and none of the files are in the registry and doesn't appear to be installed on my system. I am now doing a full scan of hard drive (should have done before posting)
I'm using Firefox 7.0.1 if it matters.
Does anyone know what the IntelTrayTray.dll does? When I reboot the PC it reports this file is not found, (I guess since it was quarantined) I need it?

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LinkAuthor Commented:
Does anyone know what the IntelTrayTray.dll does? When I reboot the PC it reports this file is not found, (I guess since it was quarantined) I need it?
It was most likely a trojan. Was the path c:\programdata\IntelTrayTray.dll?
What is your OS?
What is the security software?

Would suggest using MalwareBytes to scan your PC.
LinkAuthor Commented:
When computer starts I now get a message that says "Error loading C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IntelTrayTray.dll.

OS is XP-SP3
Security S/W is ESET Smart Security 4
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Looks like your Security software removed the file from the above location, but it is still being called up during the OS start up. Since the file is not there, hence the error message. Type following in the Run box:

Go to the Startup tab:
Uncheck the IntelTrayTray App/File if there. After clicking ok, restart the PC.
After restarting you will get a message about selective startup, select 'Don't show this again...'

If the error is gone, go back to the msconfig utility and the startup tab and check each application to make sure you recognize what it is and not some other malware that is running in the background. Better yet post screenshots if possible.

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Please don't uncheck any other application without fully researching what it is and if it is needed.
Two things....

How to remove malware belonging to the family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS ...

Run this to make sure it is clean. The TDSS rootkits are known to hijack DNS and redirect your google search results.....

Secondly, make sure your HOSTS file is cleaned, and doesnt have any entries for

It is in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS (no extension). Just click it and open in Notepad.....

It should only have the following towards the bottom...  (note: Lines beginning with # are ignored, and there is a lot of informational data there, preceeded with a # on each line, those are fine)....    localhost
LinkAuthor Commented:
Problem is gone, thx for the advice. Just wondering in closing what the IntelTrayTray.dll file is (was) for?

Thanks again
Im glad you found an answer, but is the Google issue resolved as well?

And that .DLL was probably just a viral file, that doesnt belong to anything....
LinkAuthor Commented:
Yes the google search is working correctly, thx
Bill DohertyNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I wanted to add to this discussion that I had similar search issues but on all browsers and all search engines.

Johnb6767's mention of the rootkit killer found what 4 other scans missed. Apparently the MBR file on the hard drive reported Rootkit.Boot.SST.a as infected.

The scan cured and search results take me to the correct sites (good or bad) once again.


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