How to set up usb to vga adapter

I need a second monitor on a computer and I have a usb to vga converter I would like to run as well as the regular vga monitor.  I need help setting up the conf files using Suse 11.4.  Any Ideas.
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sargent240Author Commented:
I looked for a brand name on the usb to vga but don't see one.  Can I probe the system for a vendor ID?
sargent240Author Commented:
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sargent240Author Commented:
I found this on the web but am reluctant to try it in case it screws up my current monitor so I can't get back in.  When I plug in the usb to vga I get an entry in the etc directory named


sargent240Author Commented:
I changed the files as suggested in the information attached to my last comment and got an error when trying to load X.  It said I had an error in line 10 which is

Identifier "VideoCard0"

I tried VideoCard0, 1, and 2.  I got the error all times.  Do I need to get an identifier from the device:

sargent240Author Commented:
Anybody have any ideas?
Hi sargent240 so you wont feel neglected>
>>using Suse 11.4 is that. Linux?
I dont have any experience in this Linux or Suse but will try to help you, video cards etc is my area of expertise, at a base  level the hardware you'd need to make sure the hardware is identified
or correct
you mention usb to vga converter
is your secondary monitor vga? or DVI? or worse hdmi
You currently have a monitor attached to a video card right?
Is it DVI hdmi or VGA?
and wish to add another via USB and vga converter?
So you will have two monitors vga not one digital and one vga right?
Not all displays are supported
My googling effort
look at refresh rates and resolutions
The first entry (the real video card) should be frame buffer 0. The usb should be frame buffer 1.
[opensuse] Using a USB-to-VGA (displaylink) adapter with 11.4
Maybe I should start study
sargent240Author Commented:
SOrry for the delay in responding.  I am trying to get a second VGA monitor to display the same info as the main display.  Nothing fancy.  I have a USB to VGA converter and would like to get it functioning using Use 11.4 Linux.
sargent240Author Commented:
I have a typo in my last post.  It should read Suse not Use.  Thanks
I cant seem to source any help with using a USB to VGA
I did source this
Linux Dual Graphic Computer Monitors
To use multiple monitors on a single Linux system use one of the following options:
•A dual headed graphics card with a single X-Window desktop. (preferred option)
i.e. NVidia Quadro Pro or ATI Radion Pro 9800.
•Xinerama: Two graphics cards and let X span the two desktops.
This tutorial covers the use of NVidia and ATI furnished graphics drivers for dual headed systems as well as Xinerama. This requires the use of a dual headed grahics card, two graphics card or a splitter DVI or SVGA Y-cable from a single digital high-res 2xDVI output.

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