Exchange 2010 with 2003 problem

Hello experts,

We have an Exchange 2003 on Server 2003. I have built a new Exchange 2010 SP1 on a Windows 2008 R2.

Some mailboxes have been moved to the new 2010, some others are being moved now, and some others still on the 2003 server.

For those on 2010 and those on 2003 both of them are working well. The problem is in three mailboxes which are being moved right now. Each one of them is about 6GB size. They have taken about 12 hours for about 50% completion. Those three mailboxes are currently not available neither by webmail nor by Outlook.

One of those three mailboxes has a very important email and we should access it right now, we can't wait another 12 hours until it finishes moving.

Is there any way to access that mailbox? Shall I suspend or cancel the move request in order to do so?
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SuperTacoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can cancel the move request,but you run the risk of corrupting the mailbox.  I DO NOT recommend that. if the user had Outlook in cached mode, you can open that up off line and check the mail there. You an also try downloading some third party software to convert the OST file to a PST and import it to a fresh outlook.
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