Need Linux USB/HID interface libraries and the examples in C/C++ or PHP

I have a device(FINCH robot) the shows up as a


on ubuntu linux. The device seems work correctly using Java software provided by the device vendor, without any modifition on the Linux/JDK or whatever.

I need to write my own code to drive the device, with either PHP or C/C++.
I had assumed it was simply a USB/Serial device and trying to implement the commands listed at this site:

, apparently with no success, until someone from the vendor told me it is an HID device, not a serial. Their Java code works on top of a C++ HID library, as I was told.

Now I need two things: 1) a quick education on Linux/USB/HID, to the level just being able to understand how to send these simple serial-like commands and received responses (reports in HID).

 2) C/C++ interface libraries on Linux (uBuntu) for HID devices. With sample codes that include  "/dev/usb/hiddev0"  file desciptor, would be most appreciated. In fact I would rather write PHP code; if someone has a Linux/PHP/ HID code, that will be amazing.

Thanks in advance

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These are the steps that I recommend. I'm not a specialist but I've already done some similar thing.

First, PHP cannot talk with anyone hardware device directly. You need some extension usually build in C/C++ or a client, like Database does.

Second, to talk with your device, you need to know about the API of your device, like printers do.

Maybe, The easiest way to send a command to a device attached a USB port on Linux box is using your mapped dev

To know about your devices run these commands

modprobe usbserial
modprobe hid

Open in new window

After you certified that your device is listed  you can test some things on it.

If you can do commands through command line, you can do it with PHP too.


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libusb could very well be your friend.
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