Changing gmail address associated with an Android phone

I created a new gmail address for an Android phone a couple of years ago. It used the domain rather than as Google was having a bit of bother at the time. More recently I was told by Google that I could use the domain instead of the domain as the 2 addresses were linked, which I did and distribute my address now as

There are legacy logons and email addresses stored here and there that still use the In the worst case I can delete these and created new accounts or whatever.

But how do I make the change with the phone itself? I've associated my address to my phone but it co-exists with its twin. When I tried to delete the twin I was warned that all data relating to that account would be deleted. I have disabled sync for it but still get annoying notifications that there was a problem logging in as it's waiting for my password.
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xwizzardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Note: I am aware that you technically have one account with different addresses, but the android interface
is not designed to recognize or make allowance for one account with two addresses. The system simply treats
 the two different addresses as separate accounts.

Remember, computers are stupid - they don't judge, discriminate, or reason, they just do what they are programmed to do.

The notice you are getting about losing data is as standard as a traffic light at an intersection.
 It is not affected by the drivers passing through, it's just a programmed routine set by a timer and set of sensors.
 The data you are worried about losing has already been saved to Google's servers. The only "data" you would lose is cache
 information and the settings for the account itself.
 Since you are dealing with a "doppelganger" account the notice is actually misleading you. The connection information
 (e-mail address, password, nickname, etc) will be removed, but since the googlemail and gmail accounts are the same, the
 worst thing that could happen is the cache information would be removed when you remove the account only to have the
 unremoved account rebuild the information during the next sync.

The other possibility is the two accounts are treated as two entirely seperate items. In this case removing the second
account would delete the duplicate information having no effect at all on the stored information in the other account.
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
Ignore the Windows 7 zone. EE added it without me asking and won't let me remove it. Aploogies for inconvenience
The Android operating system asks for a Google Account during setup, once it has an account it will refuse any attempts to remove that account unless another is present.
There are two ways to attack this issue:

1) Assign a second google account to your phone, then delete the first.
    - Go to your phone's settings menu > "Accounts & sync". Press the "Add Account" button at the bottom of the screen.
       You should see a prompt for the account type, press "Google Account" and enter your account info. Once set up
       The phone should start syncing with the new account. If all goes well you should be able to go back to the "Accounts & sync"
       menu and delete the defunct account.

2) Factory reset the phone, then enter your preferred account information.
   - If the phone refuses to cooperate, your other option is to perform a data wipe to remove the defunct account information.
     Under your phone's settings menu go to "Privacy". You should see "Factory Data Reset", Press it and hit "yes" at the confirmation
     prompt. Your phone should reboot automatically. When the phone restarts you may be asked for your account information,
     If not try opening the Gmail or Market app and you will be asked to set the account up.
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
xwizzard: Hi thx for info. I do have an alternative account which is simply the equivalent ( or twin to be consistent with my question) of the account. They both represent the same email data and gmail account.

When I try to delete the account it warns that I'll lose all data associated with that account. Is that OK? Will I lose any data? I want to keep everything the same as the new account simply replaces the old account.

I think: Given that this issue has been created by Google the process should make this clear. I'm not changing the account, just using a preferred representation of the account as suggested by Google.
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Apols for delay in responding
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