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Posted on 2011-10-08
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12

We have the following scenario and we would like to get some advise.

We are migrating to Win7, we have 2 applications that will work under WIN7 at all.

We were looking at a cost effective way to publish them both.

By looking at cost the only affordable option for us is via Terminal Services since we will only buying the TS CALs. Everything else out there requires the TS CALS + the 3rd party CALS (citrix, 2X, etc.)

The challange is that as I said before that the apps just work on XP/Windows 2003 familiy.

If we decide to go with TS we would like to get the latest technoligy available which will be TS 2008 R2, however the 2 apps will not install on WIN7 / Windows 2008 R2 family.

Is there any way to overcome this limitation? In other words is there anything out there that will allow me to get the 2 apps working on Windows 2008 R2 server and publish them with TS 2008R2?

Any other ideas, suggestions on how to acomplish this?

Thank you
Question by:llarava
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by:Tony Giangreco
ID: 36936496
Keep your existing 2003 server in the domain as a member server and continue to run the two apps from it. It sounds like you already have the licenses. There may be an option allowing you to run these apps in compatibility mode like Win 7 allows for XP mode, but I haven't run into that.
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ID: 36936499
Windows 7 has XP mode you can download for free.  


You can build the XP machine then set up a shortcut that starts the Vm when it's clicked.

Author Comment

ID: 36936528
We are testing WIN7 on VDI with View 5. We don't have any TS CALS. We would like to publish the and have the VDs access the TS server.

The only viable option seems to go with NLB and TS 2003.

Have you tried XP MODE within a WIN7 VD?

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ID: 36936562
NO I haven't/
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Accepted Solution

Tony J earned 1000 total points
ID: 36936624
Windows XP mode is the way forwards here I think.

If you start investigating RDS, it will cost - both for hardware and RD CALS. That said, it does then give you options such as delivering via the web, using an RDWeb Gateway.

If you are looking into a VDI solution, then I have issues with this route (whichever you choose - View, XenDesktop etc) they ALL rely heavily on very fast storage. Ok, for a few users it's not a massive issue, but (there's always one, isn't there), I always liken VDI to giving all of your user base a laptop or desktop. And then buying each of them a 500GB SSD to put in them. Yeah it's quick, but it is also very, very expensive.

RDS and VDI both have additional support overheads and in the case of most users quite a painful transition (I'm generalising, in truth, but I've actually been on sites where if an icon was moved on a desktop, the user was incapable of finding how to launch the application!!!).

Whereas Windows 7 and XP mode are a good, tight, integration requiring no additional licensing or hardware beyond the Win 7 machine and associated CALs you would need anyway.

Author Comment

ID: 36936703
The big question here is how is XP MODE within a WIN7 VD going to perform. Also I am not sure if this is supported.

Going torwards a TS solution is not what I would like to do because I will have to use Windows 2003 which is limited on the options I have to deliver the apps. For example RDWeb Gateway is not available in Windows 2003 it though in Windows 2008R2.

I am currently testing XP MODe winth a WIN7 VD and hopefully that will work the way we are expecting to...


Assisted Solution

alexsupertramp earned 1000 total points
ID: 36944015
I have mixed w2k3 and w2k8 environments at two locations, using citrix xen app.   Everything is w2k8; dc's, citrix web interface, secure gateway, file server, etc, except for the citrix application servers running the apps that are incompatible with w2k8.   we use xpm (xp mode) as well, but where at first i thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, i have grown to dislike it.   unless you leave the desktop or apps open, it takes a minute to start, and if you resize an xpm window it freezes for several seconds.  in addition, it is one more desktop that i have to support.  to me it's much easier supporting and distributing citrix apps.  i only use xpm for apps and functions that are not supported through w2k3 (and windows 7, of course).   just food for thought...if you have a lot of users and they will need to use xp mode a lot, there may be a certain level of user frustration.  

Author Comment

ID: 36945496
Hi Alex,

We are going to use Terminal Services 2003 because the apps are working and can be only install on WXP/Windows 2003 familiy.

The plan is to build 2 TS WIN2k3 servers and install the apps there finally configure NLB.

We would like to know what is the load that each of the application is going generate on the server per user session. This information is going to allow us to get how a number on how many concurrent connection we are going to be able to hold per server.

Are there any available tools in order to calculate the load?

Expert Comment

ID: 36945530
Sorry, I don't have specific experience with that.  I would be curious to hear about it though.

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