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SQL Plus - Insert statement

I need to write insert statement but one values will be calculate from other fields and records

any example for that ?
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- maybe something like this?:

INSERT INTO table1 (field1, field2) SELECT field1, (field2 + 1) FROM table2
- if you can provide sample data, and how its being caculated it will much clearer. does the value came from a field in different table or the same table?
See attached.
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QlemoC++ DeveloperCommented:
The traditional approach is to construct the necessary SELECT step by step, and then just stuff that into an INSERT. Something complicated like this:
insert into tbl1 (keyfield, data1, data2, data3)
select t.keyfield+1, o.data1, o.data2, o.data1+o.data2
from (select max(keyfield) as keyfield from tbl) t,
othertbl o where o.data3 > 1000

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This will determine the maximum of an (integer) key field, increment it, and insert a record. This will, of course, only work correctly for a single record, but it is just an example.
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egovernmentAuthor Commented:
I will return all answers and come back

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