After build and debug/release, executable of C++ application not there, VS2010.

Hi there;

I implemented a C++ application in VS2010.

After build and debug/release, the executable ofthat is not there in neither in Debug nor in Release folder,.

There are other files in those folders as follows in the screenshot but not the executable.

Where is the executable?

I am implementing in VS2010.

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AJRDevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In VS2010, the linker writes the output file into $(OutDir)$(TargetName)$(TargetExt) which by default will be a directory at the same level as your Solution file. Intermediate object files are stored within their respective project hierarchies, but any/all executables will be in this 'Top-Level' output folder. Look for a Debug/Release folder at the Solution level.

You can change this per-project from:
Project>Properties>Configuration Properties>Linker>General>Output File
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