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plantronics wireless headset

I have a polycom soundPoint Pro SE-220 office phone that I've been using  Plantronics Voyager 510S headset for several years and it finally has seemed to have worn out.  It doesn't stay charged, it drops calls and connections all the time.

So, I'm looking for a new Plantronics wireless headset.  I was looking on newegg and found this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16876998245

It indicates it is wireless and was curious if that means there are no wires that I have to connect to the phone?  I'd like a headset that doesn't have to have wires connected to the phone.  How does it connect wirelessly to the phone?  

Anyone have any other recommendations? This one doesn't have any reviews on newegg so I'm guessing it is new on the market.

The reason I'd prefer to not have to have wires connecting it to the phone is so I can have the headset set away from the phone and easy for me to access when answering calls.  My office phone is located towards my wall and I'd like the headset near me and easily within reach.  If I have wires that have to connect to the phone, then the headset will have to be further away from my reach near the phone.

So, is that how the wireless headsets work now?

Thanks for any help.
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