IT Assets Management

I am looking for a simple software to keep track of the IT Assets and items in Storehouse.
I know ManageEngine and Spiceworks is there but they go a bit too deep in details
I dont want the software to scan the network and find assets.....

I am not worried about the CPU Type, Name, MAC# OS and all unnecessary details
All i want to manage is

Kind of Computer, Its Make, Model, Issued to, Date, Location etc
Same will be the thing for Printers, Scanners and LCDs
And to maintain items in inventory

Is there any good solution available,  web-based or even an excel sheet or database?

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shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i couldnt find a solution or a suggestion as to how most of the organizations are managing their IT assets.Thus i would accept my own solution
Thanks everyone for their input
You can download the Assets template in Access 2007 for example.
That gives you a good head start on how to keep track of your Assets.

Hope this helps,

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shahzoorAuthor Commented:
any more suggestions please
or we rely on the network scanners only??
To collect the information, network scanners are your best choice. You may export the collected data in to a CSV file and probably use that as a feed to a Access Database (as suggested by danishani) or SQL Database to update your CMDB.
shahzoorAuthor Commented:
thanks for suggestions
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