What are yer thoughts on using elance to get backlinks

Hi folks,

I want to build some backlinks for my site for seo purposes but it seems very time consuming

so im thinking of out sourcing the work with elance.

Would this be worth it or a waste of money


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Ray PaseurCommented:
What is the URL of your site?
IrishKenAuthor Commented:
Hi ray

Should I post it publically?
Ray PaseurCommented:
Uhh, are you trying to gain SEO status or keep the URL a secret?  If the former, post it.  If the latter, ask a moderator to close this question.
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IrishKenAuthor Commented:
Lol that's true I suppose

It's Cros.ie

Ray PaseurCommented:
OK, Looking at http://www.cros.ie -- Here are some ideas.  Hopefully they will save you some money.

1. Get the validation straight.  You might want to use HTML5.  I find that it is easier than the other doctype declarations.

2. Use the page title tags to your advantage.  The words in the title are the most important words on the site.  Use the H1 tag to carry powerful keywords.  You can style it to make it look nice on the page (or even to be invisible).

3. Make all the main pages to be HTML.  Links to Powerpoint or PDF files are less effective.  Put these links inside the pages, not as part of the main navigation.

4. Add robots.txt files to your server.

5. Add the meta-tags shown in the code snippet.

6. Add Google Analytics.

7. Open a Google Adwords account and learn how to use Google advertising.  Buy the appropriate words that the Adwords process recommends, along with the words that you think your clients will use to search for your services.  Run a campaign whenever the weather calls for flooding.  This will be a surprising process to you the first time you do it.  You will be surprised by how inexpensive it is, and how accurately Google can pinpoint the meaning of your site.

8. Create a Google site map using the Google tools.  Make a search for "google sitemap generator" and follow the links to success.

Best regards, ~Ray
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" content="Mon, 01 Jan 1990 01:00:00 GMT" />
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" content="no-cache" />
<META NAME="revisit-after" content="2 days" />
<META NAME="robots" content="index, follow" />

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IrishKenAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million ray,

That will help a lot. I'm familiar with the onsite stuff but not too sure of the backlinking. Would u recommend using elance to out source that work or would it be waste of money
Ray PaseurCommented:
My sense is that it would be a waste of time and money.  The nature of Google's page rank algorithms is such that "authoritative" links are the ones that Google considers valuable.  That means popular bloggers, well-known newspapers, professional and technical journals, etc.  I could create a "link farm" but what value would it have?  Once upon a time (maybe in 2001) it would have created some noise.  Today it is useless.

Ask the employees to write professional blogs, showing in their own words how they used CROS technologies to solve client problems.  Submit professional papers for publication.  Advertise.  Those are the things I would recommend.  The backlinks will happen organically as a result of those efforts.  And the backlinks will be looked on as having substantial and authoritative value.

That's my 0.02 Euros, ~Ray

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