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Sending Emails to External Mail Server, Getting Caught Locally


Over the last few days I have spent trying to find an asnwer to my problem. I recently redirected the MX record of a customers email to a new email server, seperate from the server where the domain is, that worked, email sent from say gmail, or hotmail is delivered.

The problem occurs when I try to send email from

a. a domain on the same server where the site is
b. from the website in code

obviosuly those are being delivered locally onto the server, so I went into the DNS settings and changed the mail point to the ip of the external mail server and the MX re3cord to mail.domain.com and then done an nslookup to confirm it was correct - but the mail still goers locally and im running out of time to get it resolved, any help would be much appreciatted.

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