How can I setup Sympatico to startup automatically?

I want the Sympatico connection to happen automatically when I start-up my computer.
What do I use to make that happen?

XP SP 3 Home
Dell Dimension 4700
Elton BrownAsked:
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>> ...which option would I select...

I have no idea. But if it is there, it would say something like "run at bootup".

I would assume it kicks off a browser to access the site. Right click the Icon > Properties > and see what it says for Target (you might need to look under a different tab).
The only Sympatico I see, seems to be a internet portal. Is this correct?

If yes, try making it (Sympatico) your homepage in whatever browser, and set that (browser) to start on boot, either by checking an option in Settings, or dropping it in the Startup Folder.
Elton BrownAuthor Commented:
Sympatico is a company that allows its subscribers to connect to the Internet. So I guess it is an Internet portal. LOL!

I tried to get the Sympatico software to start up automatically  by sticking the Sympatico icon in the startup folder. That didn't work...

Under Sympatico properties which option would I select to cause the Sympatico software to start up automatically at system start-up?
Elton BrownAuthor Commented:
I discovered that the problem may be the modem. The current modem is dated from the 1980s... Calling Sympatico and request a new modem.

Thanks and Good Luck.     : )
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