Can't Ping local computer after Linksys Router RV02 is setup

Previous, we have a regular netgear router setup in the office.  Everything was working well. We have a small workgroup and computers had shared folders.  Computer have DHCP client setup so it gets the IP address from the router.  We decided to change our router to a VPN router and installed a Linksys RV042 Router.  All the computers can go online and ping the gateway; however, they are not able the access the share folders in each computer.  I am not able to ping the computer by computer name or ipaddress.  What setting in the Linksys RV042 could be blocking this file sharing feature?
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sjklein42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the Firewall settings on the PCs.  It is possible they have permissions defined based on the old IP addresses.  Disable Firewalls on all PCs to see if that solves the problem.
TAS-ITAuthor Commented:
Created ICMP rule on Windows7 workstations.  Enable all file sharing rules including private, domain, and public.  I am now able to ping and access the network folders.

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