Domino Replication

Posted on 2011-10-08
Last Modified: 2014-04-13

We have two domino servers at palnt1 and plant2. plant2 is having around 200 users.

Plant 2 users keep on coming to plant1 and accessing their mails from plant one server. For that reason we have put plant  users mail files on plant1 server.

We have created replication document between plant1 and plant2 for all mail file replication.

The replication takes time as it has to replicate 200 mail files.Is there any way to do replication quicker . Does creation of multiple connection document and spliting mail database between two connection document help or increasing mltiple replicator.
Question by:kapoor_sumeet
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    by:Sjef Bosman
    There are many vague questions, even some that you didn't ask explicitly, and the info you supplied is vague. Actually, where is the real question, because I assume the last sentence isn't actually your question. Please structure your approach, it'll help you as well!

    My questions to you:
    - what is the mail topology you want? do you want plant1 users to have their mail on the plant1 server, and plant2 users on plant2 server?
    - which plant has the connection to the Internet? or do both have one?
    - how did you move those users? using the Admin client?
    - what is the line speed of the connection between the 2 servers?
    - if the speed is limited, and you have good servers, what made you think that a 2nd Connection document might increase replication??

    In short: can describe the problem, what do you want, in detail, WITHOUT thinking about possible solutions.
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    Accepted Solution

    As Sjef says some more information is good.

    But to help on replication alone, I assume that users are complaining that new mail is taking too long to get from their home plant (plant2) to the visitor plant (plant1)

    With 200 mail databases this can take time as your replciation schedule has to check every database in turn.

    To fit in with what Sjef has asked there are a few possible solutions but you would need to look at why replication is taking a long time to run. Usually this is due to the bandwidth between sites not up to the rate of change of your mail system. Or somone has a massive attachment that slows up all replication till it is finished.

    Some things to check.
    You have conenction documents running both ways, but make sure only one server is initiating replication at any time otherwise you can get servers trying to work on the same database at the same time and trying to work out replication history. You can stagger replication using schedules and time limits but I would think better to have one designated as the master or hub server.

    Is the Notes port set to Compression as this can save significant bandwidth

    Turn on replciation debug in notes.ini so you can see where it is taking a long time.
    set Log_Replication=2 or =3 to get detaisl on every document.
    Be ready for large logs if using =3

    What is the rate that users move between sites and do they know before they will go ?
    If all mail is first delivered to plant2 then has to wait for replication to plant1 it would be possible to change the users home server during their visit so that mail is delieverd to plant1 first and replicated back to plant2. You could give them a simple web page to fill out when they intend to visit the plant and need this changed.

    Use Clustering as a posibility.
    If you do have good links then use clustering to give a constant stream of replication between the sites rather than relying on timed replication documents.

    Multiple replication docuemnts on the hub that each does a subset of the mail databases. You could set up a connection on hub server that does databases starting with A to E then F to J etc, with replciators in notes.ini set to 6 this would allow multiple replications to run simultaneously. But this would only be helpful if your bandwidth is up to the task.

    I am sure some others can come up with more ideas, but some info on your infrastructure could be handy to ensure you get the most suitable.

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    by:Sjef Bosman
    My point actually is: why use replication, instead of just route the mail to the user's home server?
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    @sjef yep got that one, but if this is for people how visit another site (plant1) then there would need to be some process to temporarily make that change on request, and then have it change back. but in a way that doesn't break mail delivery of course.

    But I think OP wants up to date replica at other site (plant1) for when people visit.

    What you asked is valid to get more info as real question is, what is the problem ?

    Is replication never finishing ?, is it just new database replication not working ?, is it users complaining mail is slow ?
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    by:Sjef Bosman
    We agree.
    I just suspect a very slow link... Therefore you have to avoid replication as much as possible.
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    How are users logging on and picking up their mail.

    Laptops ? They could have local replicas.
    Desktops ? Use a Virtual desktop back to plant2 or use Inotes access for mail.

    Get moar bandwidth..
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    by:Sjef Bosman
    Cannot tell you how much I love the feedback...

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