Documentum 6.5 SP1 Production Environment OLD Data Import.

I don't have much Knowledge about documentum, I have successfully installed documentum 6.5 SP1 with database oracle 10g it is working fine but now I have to create same environment  as production.

im trying to import my production docbase and metadata on local Environment (Newly Build Environment )

 I have everything for example  full backup of  oracle database (Dump File ), docbase metadata folder and  full documentum folder from production servers  but I don’t know how to import in my local environment which is newly build.

Please kindly if you can give me steps how can I do this it will be helpful.

OS                                 =     Windows 2003 R2
Documentum Version    =     6.5 SP1
Database                       =     10g
Application Server         =      tomcat 6
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For starters, the machine names should be the same or you're into far more work.  Obviously, they cannot be on the network at the same time, so maybe get your data on a removable drive or recover from tape.

Install Documentum on the new server - name everything the same.  Be logged in with the service account you will use for the Documentum services - this account needs local Admin rights.

Stop all Documentum services.

Copy your Documentum folder and Metadata over from the Production server - overwrite the new install.  Check the permissions on the new folders to ensure they are the same as the production server - re-write as needed.

Import the DB using the Oracle Tools.

Start the Documentum services.

Log off as this service user and test from another workstation using webtop or browser.

xeondxbAuthor Commented:
thanks for response i have small problem on which machine i installed documentum machine is different  and metadata file location different any suggestion

xeondxbAuthor Commented:
and can you tell me witch folders i should restore ?
I'm away on a course for the duration of this week, so I can't exactly remember what folders are what when I'm not in front of the server.

As for the metadata, put it in the location it should be on the new server.  Keep in mind the server needs to be named the same or you'll be in for a ton of work changing it in numerous locations.
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