MS Windows - where installer logs??

where installer logs??

I configured

Reg_SZ: Logging
Value: voicewarmup

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Em ManCommented:

type the following line at a command prompt:

cd %temp%
longjumpsAuthor Commented:
I see files.

Can I use MsiLogFileLocation? And How?
Em ManCommented:
not sure if you visited this already.

May I ask what you're trying to achieve here?
longjumpsAuthor Commented:
I understand that I can put there MsiLogFileLocation, my installation logs.

I visited the link already.

So MsiLogFileLocation can be somehow used?
Em ManCommented:
Hi Long,

sorry for the delay.

Haven't try these one before since I leave that by default, but yes you can actually change it.
but as what Microsoft advised, this should not be turn on not unless you have all the resource like disk space to support this.
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