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Need your support to troubleshoot “Outlook anywhere”.

We have one exchange 2007 server where outlook anywhere is enabled and working but in that server all the services are in one server.

Now as of our current scenario, we issued certificate for our frontend server(CAS) where there is no mailbox. Mailbox are on the backend server. In order to configure outlook anywhere, can I use front end for outlook anywhere or it should be from where the mailboxes are.

If it should be from backend, Then do we have to request for the certificate.

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sumit_aroraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CAS server is responsible for proving connections to clients like Outlook anywhere, OWA etc.

Outlook anywhere has to be enabled on the CAS server not on the mailbox server. It detects all mailbox server in the topology and provide access to the users  
I believe that you should use the edge transport server (front end), since this is the server responsible for connection to/from the internet.
The cert should be for your CAS. (frontend)
You can test your outlook anywhere config using testexchangeconnectivity.com

Also the terms frontend and backend are deprecated the topology for exchange 2007 is totally different
etwalttech2011Author Commented:
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