MS Windows - InstallShield how change output from "file1.msi.exe" to "file1.msi"

I have InstallShield Premium 2010 project that is creating "msi.exe" files.

I can I change this project that it produces just "msi" files, e.g. output should be instead "file1.msi.exe" just "file1.msi"

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Vadim RappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Installation Designer/Media/Releases; select the release you build in the middle panel; go to tab "Setup.exe" in the upper right panel, and specify Setup Launcher = No.

This is all assuming that your project is MSI to begin with (rather than Installscript).
Yes, the important first question here is what kind of project it is.  If it is not a basic MSI project or other msi project then the output is going to be .exe instead.
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