Dell PowerEdge 2500 two Harddisk failed

Dear All,

our dell poweredge  2500 Server two Harddisk Failed, is there any method to rebuild it, so that i can goet my data back.
i tried to replace one hard disk but it is giving error " no boot device found"

Any help please
Mohammed SIIOperation ExpertsAsked:
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It depends on what type of RAID array was configured, RAID 10?
Mohammed SIIOperation ExpertsAuthor Commented:
it is RAID 5
Sorry to say that, but it is impossible to get the data back from the RAID 5 array with 2 failed drives that easily.

The only option (expensive and unsure - great piece of luck needed) would be to let the data recovery lab to fix one of the faulty drives and add it back to the array. Then add blank drive into array instead of the second faulty drive, and let the controller count the data back.
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You can try the Demo of Raid Reconstructor to see if it will see anything.
Read the help file. The disks need to be set up as non-raid.  Reconstructor
Mohammed SIIOperation ExpertsAuthor Commented:

  Raid problem has happen with me first time, can u please guide me how to setup as non-raid drives.

I would recomend to turn off server, unplug the powercord and then physically unplug the drives from the server. Then start the server and enter the RAID BIOS and delete the existing array (WITHOUT the drives connected).
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