Oracle 8i RMAN putting current date in backup files

(And my struggle with Oracle 8i continues.... I really wish this client will already upgrade)

Is there any way you can put the current date to the filename of the created backup files?  I've tried %T, %Y%M%D.  In the examples in, it seems the author did not even bother with dates in 8i, but has them in 9i.  Is there no way to do this on 8i?


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hi johann,
- i dont think the date formatting is available for rman on oracle 8i. you can refer to available format parameter that can be used to make the rman backup file unique:

- from the doc:
%c: specifies the copy number of the backup piece within a set of duplexed backup pieces. If you did not issue the set duplex command, then this variable will be 1 for regular backup sets and 0 for proxy copies. If you issued set duplex, the variable identifies the copy number: 1, 2, 3, or 4.

%p: specifies the backup piece number within the backup set. This value starts at 1 for each backup set and is incremented by 1 as each backup piece is created.

%s: specifies the backup set number. This number is a counter in the control file that is incremented for each backup set. The counter value starts at 1 and is unique for the lifetime of the control file. If you restore a backup control file, then duplicate values can result. Also, CREATE CONTROLFILE initializes the counter back to 1.

%d: specifies the database name.

%n: specifies the database name, padded on the right with 'x' characters to a total length of 8 characters. For example, if PROD1 is the database name, then PROD1xxx is the padded database name.

%t: specifies the backup set timestamp, which is a 4-byte value derived as the number of seconds elapsed since a fixed reference time. The combination of %s and %t can be used to form a unique name for the backup set.

%u: specifies an 8-character name constituted by compressed representations of the backup set number and the time the backup set was created.

%U: specifies a convenient shorthand for %u_%p_%c that guarantees uniqueness in generated backup filenames. If you do not specify a format, RMAN uses %U by default.

johanntagleAuthor Commented:
Guess I will have to put timestamps outside RMAN.  Thanks OP!
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