New discs and new controller in SBS2003

My customer is using an SBS2003 with 2 80GB drives as Software Raid 1.
He needs more space, so  i bought a 3ware Sata Raid controller and 3 500 GB drives running as a raid5 array. What is the best way to transfer the whole SBS2003 installation from the old raid1 to the new raid5 configuration?
I tried ntbackup, then changed the drives, did a minimum sbs2003 installation on the new drives so that i can restore the backup using ntbackup. But after restoring, it does not boot anymore, because the controller driver or some configuration is probably overwritten. Does anybody know, which files i have to exclude from restore in order to not overwite the 3Ware drivers?
It is now the second weekend where i try, still no success. Help please.
Best regards from Stuttgart, Germany
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I have used ActiveDisk before.  You can get a free 21-day trial at:
Keep in mind that the Standard Corporate edition is only $49.  Do consider purchasing it if it did the job for you.  Someone has to keep these companies going!
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Add the 3ware gear and boot into the old install. Install 3ware drivers. Make image backup of 80gb. Restore image to 300gb drives
Agreed with Aaron, make sure to install the new hardware first and get the drivers installed so that you are not greeted by any dreaded blue screens  :D

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htietzeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Aaron. thanks Jeff,
I'll try it next weekend. Until then they can work with the old 250 GB (sorry, not only 80 GB).
Can you give me a hint for the imaging software? probably freeware?
Thanks, Harry
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Clonezilla is free. Acronis and ghost are the gold standard. I personally use Acronis, switched from ghost a few years ago.
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
SBS backup should allow you to restore the backup to the new drives after the drives have been loaded and a new backup created.  You may need to feed the restore sequence the drivers for the new controller on the fly before you can complet the restore.
htietzeAuthor Commented:
So one more weekend with a try is over. Still not full success. I could boot from the new diskarray, but the first meassage from SBS 2003 was that it cannot open the AD. May be i had a problem with drive mappings of either drive C: or D: (These are the only logical drives). Has anyone experienced the same problem? I was using ActiveDisk (purchased) and did a disk to disk copy after booting from BOOT CD with all driver installed on the CD.
Any idea how i can avoid these problems ?
Thanks until next weekend..
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