replacing a dynamic disk drive

I have a server with 2 hard drives. The first hard drive is a 60gb drive and that is where the OS is stored. The second drive is a 1TB drive and the is where the files are stored. The disk are set up as dynamic. The 60GB disk is getting full and I can't expand it to some free space on the second disk. So I am going to clone the 60 gb disk to a 500 GB drive. Is this going to mess up anything? What I'm expecting to happen is once I clone the 60 GB disk to the 500GB one I just put in the 500 GB one and everything works as it did before but now the OS disk is 500GB instead of 60. Is this correct or do I need to do something special because the disks are dynamic?


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jeff_01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes absolutely It should work just fine,  I would suggest that you first make all the necessary backups to be able to restore your server should you make a hash of the cloning (Ie Overwriting your original drive by accident). Otherwise I don't foresee any issues. Also if the image doesnt work you havent lost anything as you will still have your 60Gb system drive and can just boot from that one again.

It should be as straight forward as any other clone.


FreeRangersAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I just needed some reassurance that it would work lime I thought it should.  I will post back on Tuesday if it worked.
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