Need a web-portal for employees (with AD authentication)

We have an active directory domain.

What i'd like to do is create a sort of 'portal' for employees... where, outside the office, they can log into a webpage (with their AD credentials) that has things like employee phoen lists, VPN client, etc.

What would i need to do something like this?
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SharePoint for sure.  Moss (2007) or 2010.  I have built and seen many employee portals built on it.  It does everything you have described and more, and it supports AD authentication.  Install a public cert for it, and force to use ssl. Add the site to the users trusted sites, turn on auto login, and it will auto login for them.
SharePoint (MOSS or Foundation Server) is the best choice as it would allow you to get the required integration with your AD as well as get you up and running quickly. Check out the fantastic 40 templates available on SharePoint:

You should be able to customize them and get the solution in place very quickly.
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