RAID 10 won't boot - no config?

I have a Dell poweredge 610 with a 6 disk RAID 10 config.  I came in today and it was down - power outage or something i guess.  So it's sitting at "Foreign configurations found on adapter.  press any key to continue or load the configuration utility or F to import the foreign configs and continue.  

There are offline or missing virtual disks with preserved cache.  Please check the cables and ensure that all drivers are present.  

I have tried to import the config through the utility and it fails to import.  I don't know the exact way it was setup by dell to try and rebuild the array exactly the same (without initializing) to try and recover the data.  

Anyone have any suggestions?
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phirenetworksConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Cleared the preserved cache and restored from a bare metal backup.
phirenetworksAuthor Commented:
If I try to edit the config - it just says "configuration is not allowed! error code : unknown"
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