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Amazon EC2/VPC Networking Question

I am going to be creating a VPC with Amazon. We have routers at our sites that dont support the Amazon VPN so I am going to be creating an instance with Vyatta as the router/firewall.  I have attached the Vyatta getting started guide. I will have our routers at all of our locations VPN to our Amazon cloud to our Vyatta router. In the Amazon cloud, I want a private subnet to be I will have some servers on that subnet that all of my locations will talk to. I want the ability to add additional subnets i.e., and will need all the subnets to be able to talk to each other.

Question is, when creating an Amazon VPC there are a few options. Someone please tell me what to do :)

1.) When creating a VPC, it says to select a VPC configuration. Screenshot (Selection#1 is attached) I am thinking I select the first option VPC with a Single Public Subnet only. Is this correct?

2.) After selecting "VPC with Single Public Subnet", it asks for the CIDR block and the subnet (Selection#2.jpg).. What do I type in each?

Thanks for the help!

 VyattaAMI-Install-Operate-Guide.pdf VyattaAMI-Install-Operate-Guide.pdf User generated image User generated image
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It depends on your needs.......for me to get a better idea of your situation; will your servers need to be accessed at all from the public internet? Or will all of the servers only be accessed by users at your different locations / sites?
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Sorry for the rough explanation! They would need to be able to access the Internet .. Thx
Not at clarify, will they need to be accessed *FROM* the internet?
Yes I would Rdp into them
Well then it sounds to me like you should be good to go with the VPC with a single public subnet would just have to configure the Vyatta to allow in the IP's from wherever you are RDP'ing from.....the public subnet probably can be left at the default for would need to go by pages 26 and 49 of the Vyatta guide that you attached.
So when it asks for the CIDR on screenshot #1, what do I type?
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For the CIDR section it depends on how many IP addresses you need, a full explanation can be found on wikipedia:

If you should have further questions feel free to ask.
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