Migrating WSUS Windows Server 2008R2

We have a backup DC currently running Windows Server 2003R2 and WSUS 3.0 SP2.
The OS is installed in a 40Gb partition, and the WSUS folder is on a totally separate partition.
We want to upgrade to Windows Server 2008R2, by overwriting the Windows Server 2003R2 in the 40Gb partition.
After the upgrade we want to restore the WSUS installation.

What we plan to do is to  demote the server to a member server.
Install Windows Server 2008R2 in the 40 Gb partition.
Promote the server to a DC.
Install the WSUS role, and choose to use the original Update Source (WSUS folder)
and select "existing database server on this computer".

Will this work or are there other steps we should take?
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CantatechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions - unfortunately none were of any real help.  Given the time already spent trying to get WSUS working successfully, in the end, we uninstalled WSUS and reinstalled it and made no attempt to connect to the existing susdb or content folder.  ie a clean install.  The work needed to then clean up the mass of updates was tedious but at least all of the updates are downloading correctly and once approved are deploying to the clients.
I think this question should now be considered closed.
CantatechAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately your response did not help, and we have been left with a WSUS installation which although functional, has a number of aspects which may need further attention.
Prior to doing any change to the server, we exported the metadata using wsusutil, and also created a backup of the database using SQL Management Studio.

After installing Server 2k8R2, joining the domain and then promoting the server, we installed WSUS. We had hoped that the option to "use an existing database server" would appear even though during the installation we pointed the install to the same volume/WSUS folder that had been used under 2k3. (the content and WSUSDB were in no way disturbed duing the upgrade to 2k8R2). This option was not enabled.

After the install finished. we found that the clients could not connect with the database server, none of the computers or updates appeared - it was a totally fresh install.
We found the following http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee822824(d=printer,v=WS.10).aspx and followed the steps to restore the WSUSDB on page 6.
We also followed the steps to Change the WSUS server Identity, as the article stated that this must be changed.
The computers and updates then all appeared, and computers started to update their last logon date.
However, the next synchronisation downloaded some 4000 updates (!).

We are not confident that the WSUS installation is working correctly.
In particular, on one client computer, there are numerous 80244022 errors.
Having backed up the metadata at the outset (see above) we then ran wsusutil import wsus.cab - this ran successfully and reported "all updates successfully imported"

We would now like to know what steps we should take to validate/verify that the WSUS install has and is working correctly.

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You can use client and server diagnostic tools:
CantatechAuthor Commented:
Further to my previous post, I found that restoring the backup of the content folder, and restoring the susdb database, resulted in the previously approved (etc) updates appearing correctly.  In particular there was no attempt to synchronise some 4000 or so updates !

The only issue left is that Windows Defender updates are identified, but fail to download.  We have tried to use the "download now" option, but in each case the download fails.

We checked the c:\program files\update services\logfiles folder and in particular the SoftwareDistribution.log file - this shows content files failed to download with a message as "content does not fall within expected range".
Your suggestion to use  the server diagnostic tools is was followed up, but these tools do not work on Windows Server 2008R2.

How do we diagnose/download Windows Defender downloads?

You are correct about Server diagnostics tool - it was not renewed since WSUS 2.0 (And I've used it long time ago)
Can you show full error?
Are other updates downloaded successfully?
CantatechAuthor Commented:
None of the suggestions assisted us to successfully migrate the WSUS role from W2k3 to W2k8R2.
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