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WCF Async Project


I have been asked to develop an application that will allow communication between an existing Winform client application and a asp.net web application (CLR 4.0). I am exploring the idea of developing the following WCF based solution but would like to understand if this is feasible. The scope of this question is strictly focused on high-level guidance.

1. Winform

The existing winform app will be re-worked to run inside the taskbar tray (bottom right Win7).

2. Initial WCF Call

Winform app would call WCF service asyncronously and request to be notified if a xml file is copied server side

3. Trigger Winform App

Web app would need to communicate with winform app so web app calls application server side that creates xml file in watched directory.

4. WCF Async Response

WCF service would notify winform with asyncronous response when xml file is finally detected.

5. Winform app responds to web request

Winform app reads and performs tasked defined within the xml file.
Basic questions are is this feasible given that the winform app will load when the Win7 desktop starts and web app requests (in xml file) could be hours apart. I am using .Net CLR 4.0. So can WCF winform client and WCF service work effectively in this scenario? Should an intermediate WCF service layer be required between the IIS WCF service and Backend server app? Note there will be several hundred win/web clients communicating back and forth to. The win/web clients would be running on the same pc and the WCF service will be located across the internet. Each WCF service would simply be setup as a file watch and respond. I am again simply looking for some high-level guidance on this solution and will open other new questions to ask more detailed questions.

As an alternative please advise if this WCF event pattern could also work to establish duplex communication between the web client and the winform client. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms752254.aspx 

Thank you

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