Add another WFE for load balancing?

I have a sharepoint farm that I am wanting to add another WFE for load balancing.  I installed the RTM and the June CU updates..  I did not run the PSConfig until after all the bits were installed.

When I try to join the farm I receive the error that there are some patches missing from my current production server and the local server.  That is fine and I can fix that.  What is confusing me is that it is showing the same KB article on both servers however the version number is different?

I'm not sure what to do...

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jessc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
swtjen1, my mistake. I see that you applied the June 2010 CU. Obviously this does not require SP1.

Here are the build numbers, which CU's do increment:
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
This is normal.  CU's include multiple hotfixes, but take you to the same version number.

The June CU requires SP1 be installed. You said you installed RTM and the June CU, but did you install SP1 prior to the June CU?
The version numbers will also update once you have run psconfig / Config Wizard.
swtjen1Author Commented:
Well...turns out...I need to install the revised June CU and then when I ran psconfig again on the new WFE and it joined to the farm no problem.
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