Exchange Server 2010 not receiving external mail

Hi everyone

I just completed an Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration. All users are on 2010 and Exchange 2003 iswill be inline until all users are redirected to the new server. Prior to the mailbox move I was ble to send and receive both internal and external email to both 2010 and 2003 mailboxes. Now that I pointed my Symantec Messaging Gatewy to the new exchange server I can no longer receive external emails. I can still send both internal and external. I traced emails i sent and the logs state that the email was delivered to the Exchange server from Symantec.

I do not see the email in the Exchange mail queue nor has it arrive to my inbox or junk mail folder. My connectors look correct and it was receiving email prior to adding in the message gateway. Any help or ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you

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bosciaAuthor Commented:
thanks for everyones help but i found my problem.....  it is an out of disk space problem. i am below my threshold of allotted space. it is always the simple ones that get me at 2AM in the morning.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Have you configured SMTP server to receive anonymous connections? This may help you:
First of all, we need to isolate the issue that if we have issues on Exchange server or it is symantec gateway which is problematic.
1. Do Telnet on your HUB server to local host and check if it recieves email it means HUB server is ready to accept the emails.
2. Now do Telnet from symantec gateway machine to HUB server and check the same. This way we will understand where is the issue.
You can use Netmon in order to check where emails are getting stuck.
Is the symantec gateway a different server?
Where is the MX pointed and natted to symantec gateway or directly to exchange server.

If the MX natted to symantec gateway the you have to point the smtp from symantec gateway to exchage server.
bosciaAuthor Commented:
Disk Space preventing emails from arriving.
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