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bounch back email with exim4

What i am trying to understand is :

if there is any way or method or command some how.. if we can see bounch back email.
suppose ..

if we sent an email to 1000 customer from support@domai.co.uk, arround 200 email will bounch back to us as they are not valid email address

when email bounched back it should come back to support@domain.co.uk inbox.

but from exim is there any way to forward thsoe bounch back email  from support@domain.co.uk to another account so that we can just ahve a look .

* We can check support@domain.co.uk infbox. but this inbox does not exist, its a Alias of another inbox , and we cant go and ask those user about bounch back.
so we need to get an option to foward any bounch back email comming to support@domain.co.uk email address should be forward to anotehr email account

or some other way ..

bottom line is, we just interested on bounch back email on domain.co.uk

thanks for your advise.

1 Solution
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Bounces are delivery notification.
By definition those have a from address <>  (empty address).

So you can create a router that catches all mails from <> to <support@domain.co.uk> and forward them to a different mailbox. (I might have made some errors below, but it should be along the same lines)
The router should be one of the first used.

     driver = redirect
     condition = ${if {and {match {$sender} {<>}} {match {$receipient} {support@domain.co.uk}}}
     data = my-specialbox@domain.co.uk
     file_transport = address_file
     pipe_transport = address_pipe
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